Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Prayers for Gaines:

"Please keep his doctors and nurses in your prayers. I pray for patience and wisdom for everyone involved...doctors, nurses and me. Please continue to pray for Gaines. Pray for his lungs to heal and for him to get better at taking his bottles."

Please pray for Gavin, and stop by and leave some encouragement.

Prayers for James:

"James takes his final dose of steroids tonight (Sunday) of this month. Please pray that they would exit his system quickly and he would begin to feel more himself."

Please pray for John's family; he went to be with Jesus on Sunday night.

Noah E. and family need prayers. There is a lot of stuff going on for them right now, and Noah is still a sick little boy. Please pray for them!

Ava is sick with high fevers, please pray for quick healing.

Pray for Jonah, he's having a bit of a rough time right now.

Please continue to remember Reagan as she battles so many seizures.

Veiyah is also pretty serious...no blog posts, I've just been trying to follow her twitter updates. The last few did not sound good. Pray for this little girl!!!

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