Sunday, August 9, 2009


Just a reminder to not forget our Angel families; they need lots of prayers too. Sometime I know I get caught up in checking on all of the sick ones, the unborn, and the ones trying to conceive, but I don't want to leave behind the ones who have lost.

Pray for Tiffany and her husband this week; pray for peace, and the ability to trust in God no matter what the outcome.

Prayer requests for Brayden:

"We're praying now that his counts are on the rise, they can get safely high enough to have some room before we start the next round of treatment. We're praying his picc line stays free from infection, since mom is doing dressing changes from home. We're praying God continues to protect his little sweet spirit from harm of the effects of this ugly diagnosis. We're praying his body stays strong and free from infection and the chemo continues to to work well with minimal impacts to him."

Tomorrow, they will be reducing Gaines' oxygen flow; please pray that his little lungs will tolerate it well.

Gavin will be going back to the hospital tomorrow; he has some sort of fungus, and they have to get his little body clean.

Continue prayers for Kate; she is struggling through some intense mood swings, from all the stress she is under.

Mikayla and her family received news that her leukemia has spread to her central nervouse system. Please go to their blog and leave some encouragement.

Visit Rebekah's blog to read a list of prayer requests for her.


This is Elijah; his momma left this request:

"Elijah is my 24 week micropreemie miracle. Pray for Elijah, he is 16 months old and still not able to sit up, though he works very hard at home and in therapy. Pray for myself and my husband and the situation we are going through that God will work it all out the way he wants it. Pray for my three year old who will be assessed for Aspergers Syndrome soon."

Let's add this family to our prayers!

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