Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was reading Emerson's blog, and my heart was really hurting for her momma. If you feel led, please give her some encouragement and love.

Prayers for Gaines:

"Please keep Gaines in your prayers. Pray that he is able to take a full day of bottles soon and for his lungs to continue healing. Pray that he tolerates 2 liters well and that soon he'll be able to wean down again soon."

Prayers for Jack H.:

"I ask for prayers for Jack's continued healing from his brain injury. He has come such a long way, but still has a way to go. I appreciate all the support and kindness you all have shown."

James started steroid treatments yesterday, please pray for him and he goes through these.

Prayers for Kate:

"We continue to ask you to pray for God's guidance in all of this. We ask for protection for Kate's little body from the harmful side effects of the chemo. We ask that even now the tumor would be shrinking, and especially away from the blood vessels that it is wrapped around. Pray for her continued rehabilitation, which is going great. Pray that she will never develop a secondary cancer because of these treatments. Pray for absolute and complete healing for Kate, head to toe. Pray that many will come to know Jesus because of Kate. And pray for endurance and hope for our whole family as the road is long and many times very scary."

Mikayla will be having another bone marrow aspirate test on Monday to see if her leukemia is in remission. Please pray for a good report!

Prayers for Rebekah:

"We would appreciate your prayers for Rebekah's growth and comfort and also for wisdom for us and for Rebekah's doctors as we try to find a feeding plan that works for Rebekah."

Prayers for Reagan:

"Please keep Reagan in your prayers, as we continue to adjust her medications (and probably add a new one) over the next couple weeks."

I was reading Jonah's blog, and his momma had a prayer request for a family that lost their little boy on Tuesday; he passed away in his sleep. I don't know them, but I read their blog and it is heartbreaking. Please pray for this family!

Update on the Turner Family:

"Trenton received the results of his second EEG last Wednesday. They returned normal so they have ruled out epilepsy. They have taken him off his anxiety medication about 2 weeks ago and he is now experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. We are so grateful for all your thoughts and prayers during this round of tests. They are suspecting that his episodes are medication related so they are trying to determine which medication to eliminate one at a time. One of the withdrawal symptoms he is experiencing is rapid heart rate. Please pray that these symptoms subside and he can get back to a sense of normalcy."


"Prayer request for Alayna--14 month old who is dying of leukemia that has metasticized to her brain with a rapid growing tumor. She is currently in hospice going through the dying process. This has been a horrific experience for the parents, and they need prayers for her comfort and for her pain and fear to be over. Please send out an urgent prayer request for this family."

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  1. Please pray for my daughter Annabelle. She had her tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday and went home the same day. We got readmitted into the hospital today because she is major dehydrated and has and infection! Please pray that we won't be here long and that she will soon begin to eat and drink! Thank you alot! Anna's mommy


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