Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Keep the Pifer's in your prayers in the next two weeks; Tiffany had her last IUI yesterday.

Elijah will be having eye surgery Friday morning. Please pray for this little man!

Keep praying for Gavin as he continues to fight infection.

Please go to Noah's blog and love on them. They need some encouragement!

Prayer requests for Rebekah:

"Please pray that in the next week Rebekah will gain close to half a pound and will continue to do well with her feeding. Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that we need to pray for her collaterals (the small arteries from her heart to her right lung) to continue to grow. That was the reason for postponing her surgery in the first place, so we really need those to be big enough to work with by the time she has her second surgery."

Please pray for Hope's momma.

Please pray for Noah E. and for his momma. He is a very sick little boy and is having a really tough time.

Continue prayers for Veiyah.

Father, my heart is heavy tonight for these little ones. Please hold them in your arms, comfort them, bless them, and bring healing in Jesus name!

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