Saturday, August 1, 2009


Prayers for Brayden:

"We're praying Brayden keeps up the course he's been on with staying healthy and free from infection with no fever. We're praying he stays in good spirits and that resiliency stays strong. We're praying his counts do recover and can get as high as they can as fast as they can before the next round of chemo. That way maybe they won't have as far to drop next time."

Grant will be having his heart surgery next week, let's begin praying for him now.

Please pray for John and his family, as he is nearing his final days in his cancer battle.

Noah E. is being admitted to the hospital again. Please pray for this little boy!

I feel bad, I've neglected to check baby Makenna's blog for a while because she has not had any updates, and I checked it tonight. She has been having issues and has been in the hospital. She actually went home today, on oxygen. Please pray for her, that these issues will get resolved!!!

Pray for little Veiyah, she had to go in to the hospital last night and is having issues with her heart.

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