Sunday, September 27, 2009


Pray for Brayden this week as he begins another round of medication.

Eden has a cold, please pray that she will heal quickly!

Keep praying for Isaiah, he is still having a very hard time.

Pray for Mikayla as she is undergoing a week of chemo treatment.

Read Noah's blog for an awesome testimony, and an even more awesome way to help!

Rebekah will be having g-tube surgery tomorrow; please pray!


This is the Jones family. They lost their precious little boy, Ayden, to SIDS a month ago, when he was four months old. Please pray for this hurting family.

This is Nevaeh, she is four years old and has leukemia. Her momma, Amy, is needing some encouragement. Stop by and leave a message! She is also looking for moms who have been through this with a child; she is feeling alone. Thank you!!!

We also wanted to add the Ramer family to our prayer list; they lost their twins to a drowning accident a few months ago.

Thanks for praying!


  1. Would you please add my blog for my daughter to your Angel Family list? She left this earth a little over four months ago and lived for 13 days. We miss her, but I want to make this available to others who have to walk this path. Her name is Jenna Belle and the link is:

    Thank you so much.


    Please pray for this Baby Named Dylan.

  3. Me again. Good Ol' anonymous.


    Little girl fighting so hard with a brain tumor.


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