Monday, September 14, 2009


Cathy had baby Lars on Saturday! No updates yet, but being early, I'm sure this little one will be needing lots of prayers! (I am moving Cathy's blog to the "praying for...." list, under her new little boy's name, Lars).

Prayer requests for Brayden:

"We are headed out for Little Rock for a bit. Brayden will have a spinal sedation to inject chemo into his spinal fluid and proceed with his 3rd round of High-Dose Methotrexate. We're praying there are no complications with the sedation and that his spinal fluid remains clear. We're praying he's able to drink enough and stay hydrated to flush everything out quickly. We've been so blessed not to have mouth sores yet (other than a few on his lip the first round) and we're praying that trend continues!"

Please pray for Brinely, she had a really rough time last week, and has been sick.

Stop by Emerson's blog for an update, and pray for this little girl. She has a lot going on.

Gaines is home! Please pray for him and his family as they all adjust.

Pray for Gavin and his family. They need extra prayers right now.

Little JJ is here; there is a detailed update on Erica's blog. Please pray for this little one, and for his family!

Prayers for Kate:

"In light of Kate's MRI on Wednesday we are asking family, friends and followers of Christ across the world to join with us at some point in the next few days in a fast. There are details on my website and I will post more details over the next few days. Would you read this post and consider joining us in this?

Pray for wisdom for Maryn's momma to decide on what treatments are best for her little girl.

Paul received his new heart! Pray for swift recovery and healing!

Prayers for Abbey:

"Her MRI is scheduled for October 9th to see if the residue from the clot in her brain is completely gone. Please pray that there is no sign of it and that they will tell us to stop her two shots a day."

Prayers for Abby Riggs:

"This morning (Monday) Abby has an oncology appointment. Abby will get a spinal tap (lumbar puncture), IV chemo and antibiotics and an exam. The chemo that they are injecting into her spinal fluid is needed to treat her cancer, but it can also damage Abby's young brain. Would you please pray that Abby would be well sedated during the procedure, pain free, and not scared? Also, for wisdom as her doctor makes decisions about what doses chemo to give Abby and for no nausea or discomfort after the procedure."

FYI:I went to check on baby Makenna's blog, and it has been removed (not sure why); that is why it is no longer on the list.


  1. Hi there! :-)

    Thanks for posting the update about Lars!! He was born late Friday night and is doing well.

    He was born at 30 weeks - and will be in the NICU for several weeks - but just to learn to eat on his own and to grow a bit!

    I FINALLY posted an update on my blog and a movie...

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE PRAYERS! WE are very blessed!!


  2. Hey Makenna's blog may not exist anymore, but she still has a caringbridge page that is updated all the time :0)

    I hope that helps!!!

    Take care and God bless,



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