Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Requests

I want to start off today's entry with a request that was received this morning.  Please keep these boys and their families in your prayers:
Please pray for two seperate family’s in our community who sons committed suicide over the weekend. Please also pray for the High School students who are trying to cope and understand why these two boys felt like they had no where to turn.

Please pray for Jonah.  He's got a bad cough and has been throwing up for a few days now.

Continue to pray for Joanne and her family.  They are pondering some big life decisions.

Noah and his family can use our prayers today.  They got some bad news and are facing some tough decisions as well.

Jamie is coming home in about a week and is making amazing progress daily!

Please pray for Aviana.  She is going to need some surgery soon.  Please lift her family up in prayer as well.

Keep Matt & Lorraine in your prayers.  They may be having their court date today and be one step closer to bring their boys home.  Please also pray for all of the children in the orphanage there and all over, that they would be treated well while waiting for their forever families.

Phoebe has started chemo, and so far is doing well.  Pray that this continues!

Ashley is enjoying being at home.  Pray that they will be blessed with the gift of time.

Pray for Eli that some adjustments they are making will work well and let them avoid having to take more invasive steps.  Also pray that those who feel led to make nasty comments to them regarding their care of Eli and their decisions would start following "the golden rule"!

Emerson is dealing with an iron deficiency.  Pray that they can get her levels stabilized.  Her mom reports that she is doing well otherwise for now.

Taleah is starting chemo again today.  Keep her in your prayers.


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  1. My 16 year old nephew, Wesley, was in a snow skiing accident today and broke his neck. He has not been able to feel anything past his shoulders since his fall. He is currently in surgery to fix the 2 breaks in his neck. Dr's are giving him an 8% chance of a full recovery. Luckily he was wearing a helmet and the Dr's feel that saved him from brain injury. He is facing the possibility of being paralyzed, something that will forever change this active teenagers life. We are praying for a miracle. I know God has a plan but we are still hoping for a miracle. Please pray for a recovery and if that is not in his plan then that he will be able to cope with the change in his life. His sister has started a blog for him and will try to keep it updated.


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