Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The lucky winner! And a few updates

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for the great comments, they were appreciated  :) Our lucky winner is Erin!

Congratulations!  Your gift code will be arriving shortly.

And now, a few updates...

Continue to keep Jamie in your prayers.  She is working hard to start walking again and she is struggling with some sadness.

Rebekah is still having problems with a cough and the pediatrician didn't really have any answers. She's seeing her cardiologist tomorrow.

Grant and his family are expecting a new little boy!  Keep them in your prayers.

Joshua is loosing a lot of teeth due to osteoporosis of the jaw.  Pray that he does not lose any adult teeth.

Aidan has not been doing well.  Please send them some prayers and encouragement.

Waverly and Oliver's family are on the verge of getting a new home!  There are some wonderful new pictures of them on their blog, check it out and leave them some prayers.

Have a blessed night!


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  1. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! Will continue to follow your blog for updates and continue to pray for the families...


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