Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pray for Dakota & Family

In the last post, we asked for help in contacting Dakota's family because their blog had been set to private. We didn't know if it was okay to continue to post updates for prayer or not.

Thanks to a couple of readers, we now understand that this precious little girl (and family) needs much more prayer than previously thought. They need healing and restoration that only God can bring.

We have been praying for Dakota, a three year old little girl who has major digestive issues with repeated infections of unknown origins. This little girl has been in and out of the hospital and we have prayed for the source of her illness to be found and for her to be better! The good news is, the source has been found and she will be on the road to better health soon. The bad news is, authorities are investigating Dakota's mother concerning child abuse.

While this news is tragic and devestating, I firmly believe that it is because of our prayers (the whole Safe Haven community), this abuse has come to light.

In 2007, alone, there were 794,000 children in the United States that suffered some form of abuse.

To know that a child has suffered in sickness at the hand of another person is heart breaking. Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect take on many forms. Even though the majority of these children are nameless and faceless to us, they need our prayer every bit as much as the others listed on this blog. We need to pray for the victims, and we need to pray for the perpetrators. While NOT excusing the abuse, abusers are very confused people. Pray for them to have revelation and wisdom of the knowledge of God, that the eyes of their understanding would be opened, that they would repent and come to know the Lord as their Savior.

Please pray for Dakota! Please pray for her health, for her care and stability, for her to be placed in a safe and loving environment far from further harm! Please pray for her mother. Pray for restoration and healing.

This world is not a perfect place, and will never be until Jesus returns and brings His perfect justice to the earth.

While we wait for God to right every wrong, our job is to pray.

And that job, dear readers, you do very well.


  1. Please keep little Gabi in your prayers for awhile! She was born at 23 weeks gestation weight 1 lb 8 ounces. She is doing great right now but still needs some prayers!


  2. I just simply don't understand the ways of this world sometimes. I am so deeply saddened sometimes but I try and remember that God represents all the good things in this world and you are right, this world will never be perfect until he returns. I will pray for Dakota and her mother to get the help that she needs if that be the case. I pray her mother turns to the lord to help her in this time of need. Come on Dakota, fight baby girl!! We are all pulling for you.

  3. I had been following little Dakota for a while now and 2 weeks ago I asked her mom for her address so we could send her a card and some coloring books and things to keep her busy :0)......With all of lifes busy things, I wasn't able to get it ready to be shipped out until yesterday..... So I e-mailed her to find out if she was still at the same address and when I didn't hear back from her I tried looking at her blog and it was made private.......

    Thank you for your update....... It is SO bitter sweet......It gave me a sense of peace that they found out what was wrong with Dakota and that she was going to be on her way to recovering, but it made me ill to my stomach by the fact that her mom is being investigated for child abuse :0(

    Again, thank you for posting this update.



  4. Thank you both for your sweet comments, and thanks for joining us in prayer for this little one!

  5. After reading your blog this morning - not sure how I found it - I got an email from my local TV station with the story about her and what her mother did. I will continue to pray for their entire family. God is the only person that can get them all through this.

    I just can't even imagine how terrible the entire family feels at this time. I hope things turn around now that they know exactly what is happening with poor Dakota.


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