Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New requests

This request is from Stacie:

"Please pray for my family friend whose son was born still at 40 weeks due to an umbilical cord entanglement. Please pray that his parents are given strength to get through his service today as they bury their baby in his final resting place today. His parents had tried over seven years to have a baby and Hunter went to be with the lord on June 26th. Please provide them strength to heal through this horrible tragedy. Mom feels as if she did something wrong and is questioning her faith as to why this happened to her perfect baby boy."

My heart is so heavy for this family. Please cover them in prayer all day today, and in the days to come.

This request is from Mychal:

"I would like to become a part of your prayer blog. My husband (Trenton) is scheduled for an EEG & MRI on July 7th. He has been having seizures fairly often lately for unknown reasons. We met with a neurologist last Friday and he recommended the EEG & MRI. They have no ruled out Epilepsy but it's a 50/50 chance that he has it. He has no other family members with this disease and I am constantly researching medications & how to cope with it. We have a 3 year old daughter and a son that is due in 9 weeks. If you will please post this and get prayers started! We are hoping for a good diagnosis. Our family could use prayers for good results from these tests and for a safe and healthy delivery of our little boy in 9 weeks."

We will be praying for your family, Mychal!

This is an update my Aunt posted on Facebook last night about Cole:

"Just got home from 16 hours spent at the hospital. THANKS to everyone for your prayers. My grandson was born this morning about 3 weeks early by way of c-section. He really was struggling to breathe and was admitted to NICU. After being on oxygen and receiving the meds he needed and constant monitoring, they were able to remove the CPAP machine at around 5 pm. He has done great since then. They are keeping him in NICU overnight and if he continues as he has, will go to the regular nursery tomorrow (Tuesday). Jessica (Cole's momma) is doing fantastic. She feels great and was even up walking around this evening and was able to visit in the waiting room for a while. Praise God for his grace and we thank all of you for lifting Cole up to Him today."

I would also like to say thanks for praying for my family! I went to the hospital yesterday afternoon, and as of 4:00 pm Jessica still had not been able to hold him. But everyone was in good spirits. Thanks again!

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