Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pray for April Rose!!

Little April Rose was born today....right now her heart rate is going down, please pray. A friend of B's is keeping very current updates on the blog, check in and keep praying!


  1. Hi! I've been following the blog for that sweet little April Rose and today all of the posts have been removed because of some really hurtful comments and emails they received. Are there any updates that you know of that you can post here?? The photo of April Rose was up for a very short time yesterday and I did get to see it. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for any info. you are able to post.

  2. please also say prayers for B and D, there's been lots of hatered towards them both. There's not been an update in a few hours. I am still praying, and hoping in Pink!!!!

  3. PLEASE add an urgent prayer request for Noah E ( ... he's going back to the hospital with a central line infection and with the new diagnosis of hemophagocytic syndrome in addition to his mitochondrial disease, this infection could be life-threatening. His mom is exhausted & needs to be lifted to God & asked to have His strength poured into her. The whole family & this little boy needs LOTS of prayer RIGHT NOW (and ongoing).

    Also, the "April Rose" blog appears to be a fake. Check out the following links: (to see where it's believed those pictures are of 2 different dolls ~ "reborn" babies).

    And here:

    Also here:

    I don't know if it's true, but it does appear suspicious, so I thought you should be made aware.

  4. You are a liar. I have seen this proved all wrong, she has a sick mind people. Dont believe any of it, dont plz.


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