Wednesday, June 3, 2009


HELP: I went to check Dakota's blog today for an update, and it has been set to private. Someone posted an anonymous comment requesting prayer for them, so I don't know who you are. Whoever you are, would you see if they would like updates posted on this site for Dakota, verses having a link to her page on here? If their goal is to be private, I can check her blog and just post updates. Sorry, I don't know how else to get this out there! Thanks.


Please pray for Camryn's brother Wyatt; his bone marrow harvest is Thursday morning.

Pray for Bentley; she has developed a cough, pray that she gets well SOON!

More later.....


  1. I'm shaking after reading this:

    I found it with a simple google search of her name. If it's true, I'm horrified.

  2. The reason that Dakota's page has been set to private is horrible, unthinkable and Dakota needs thoughts and prayers more than ever now. I doubt we will hear anything more about her though.

    This is 100% for sure Dakota and Emily is her mom.


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