Tuesday, June 23, 2009



This is Waverly & Oliver; they both suffer from a disease called "Sanfilippo Syndrome". (There is a description of this disease on the right hand column of the blog). As I read through this family's blog, my heart was aching and broken for them. To watch BOTH of your children go through this is unthinkable. Please let's add them to our prayers!


Little Bug's momma has requested prayer for her little one; here are some specifics I copied from her post:

1. Pray for Little Bug’s immature nervous system. Pray for complete healing and maturity as each day goes by.

2. Pray for Dave and me as we seek to do what is best for Little Bug.

3. Pray for wisdom in knowing what Little Bug needs when.

Elise's momma is asking prayer for Elise's reflux issues, and for the both of them as she is attempting to try breastfeeding this week. Let's pray for success, and health!

Gaines had a heart echo done yesterday (Monday). No update yet; pray that it went well and for signs of the VSDs closing!

Pray for Gavin O.; that his PICC line will hold up and he will be able to go HOME!

Prayer needs for Lindsay: "pray for her belly to tolerate her feeds and for her to stay comfortable and heal."

Pray for Camryn as she begins her fifth week in the hospital, that her white count continues to come up.

Bentley has an infection on her incision; pray that it heals quickly and doesn't develop into something more serious.

Pray for Reagan; she is having a super tough time. She needs some relief, and so does her momma.


From Rebekah's mom:

"And on a good note, we have a huge praise! Rebekah has turned around and is now in the head-down position!!! Thank you all for your prayers.....we are very grateful not to be facing a c-section right now, even though it may come to that later."

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  1. I have an urgent prayer request. A friend of my best friend needs a miracle today. She has been battling cancer for the last 2 years that started out as melanoma on her face. She has had countless treatments, experimental drugs, etc. Everything was looking very good until her most recent PET scan. She found out yesterday that she has large spots on her brain and on numerous other parts of her body. She is a young mother with two little boys, ages 3 and 5. She so desperately wants to live to see her oldest start kindergarten this fall and she desires her youngest to just be able to remember his mama. As a mother, I can't imagine her heartache. To think that I died so early in my child's life that he has little recollection of me is just unbearable. She was supposed to enter a new experimental treatment at the Mayo Clinic soon and now they won't take her because of the spots on her brain. So, basically, there is not much medically that can be done for her at this point.

    I just feel so burdened for this young wife and mother. I don't want to tell her name on here in order to protect her privacy (all of her own family doesn't even know the extent of how bad she is as of right now). Can I just ask that all of us say special prayers for "Sarah" and her husband and sons?

    Thanks so much!


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