Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday evening


My cousin's baby, Cole, that I requested prayer for the other day, is now home with his momma and daddy! Thanks SO much for your prayers!

If you remember this post back from April, I posted about a project for a little boy named Noah, called "Remembering Noah". Rachel, his momma, left a comment to let us know the project is completed and you can see it on this post. Keep this family in your prayers!


Please say a prayer for the Pifer's and go love on them; give them some encouragement!

Lindsay is having a a new PICC line put in this evening...pray that all goes well.

Please pray for Maddie, she is having a very difficult time.

Since I haven't been able to check for updates in a few days, I missed that Rebekah was born on Monday! There are a lot of updates on their blog that I haven't had time to read through yet, but plase keep this little one and her heart in your prayers!

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  1. Please be praying for Kate McRae.


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