Monday, July 13, 2009



Avery is having her cath lab procedure done tonight; still no news, and she is still not doing well at all. Please pray for this little one and her momma and daddy!!!

This is from Enid:

"I'd like to ask for urgent prayer for the Monk family. (It's actually in Guatemala, not Honduras) When the case came up Friday, the judge was prepared to release the case, but the orphanage director filed a petition to have the judge excused from the case. If this petition is not thrown out, this issue will go back into a whole new swirl of legal red tape, and she will remain stuck in this orphanage. THE ORPHANAGE DIRECTOR RECEIVES $500 DOLLARS A MONTH FOR HANNAH'S CARE from the Monk family. She is not in a hurry to release the children in her care. They need prayer immediately for justice. We must pray that her petition is thrown out and the same judge keeps the case and signs quickly. This has been going on for over two years now."

Thanks to those of you who left comments about Hope and Jaxson. My next project is to try to fix my Internet Explorer issues so I can view them. I appreciate the updates from you guys.


  1. Hi.. this is Jen ^^Ella's^^ mom.. so many people prayed for her and we did not receive the miracle that we wanted and lost her.. Sadly there is a precious little boy named Jace in my area that is very ill with the same type of illness that Ella endured for so long.. please add him to your prayer list. his family is really struggling with watching him decline and looking for answers of what to do for him next..thanks! Jen

  2. Can you please add this beautiful little girl to your prayer list? She was recently diagnosed with an agressive form of brain cancer.


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