Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Pray for Brayden, his counts are pretty low and wasn't able to have his next treatment.

Let's say some extra prayers for Gaines; pray that he doesn't develop pneumonia and that his lungs continue to heal and grow like they should! He needs to get strong!!

Gavin O. is still fighting a bug, remember him.

Grant is having a Cath procedure done today, please pray that all goes well.

Prayers for Kate:

"Please continue to pray, even more as her ability to fight infection drops as a result of the chemo. We celebrate that we have seen some good days despite the chemo, and are hoping for many more.
Pray that Kate will resist any type of infection.
Pray that her bowel movements will be regular, not constipated, not diarrhea. Constipation could cause small tears which could not be able to heal while her counts are down and therefore infection. Diarrhea could cause her skin to break down, and so on.
Continue to pray that the chemo will do exactly what it is intentioned to do.
Pray for her kidneys, liver and hearing.
Pray for absolute healing for Kate."

Prayer for Rebekah:

"Please pray specifically that she will build up some endurance and be able to take all of what she needs from a bottle. The next step is a feeding tube, and we don't want to go that route if we don't have to!"

Continue to pray for Stellan; he will be on his way to Boston soon for another ablation on his heart. He is doing better, though! PTL!!

Prayer request for Reagan from her momma:

"Reagan is having a colonoscopy/endoscopy tomorrow (TODAY!) (12pm CT) to try to finally find a cause to her persistent stomach pains. It's a little more risky doing this on children and she has to be put under anesthesia, so if you could please just keep her in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it!"

Please pray for Abby! She is in the hospital and is very sick.


This is John and his wife Denise; he has cancer and they have been told that it can no longer be treated.

This is Bruce; he has a rare blood disease called Myelofibrosis.

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  1. Wow...I had no idea. I remember receiving requests to add Brayden to a list of prayer requests. Of course, we welcome any and all prayers and are so thankful for them. We know it is God's Hand that has been upon Brayden and is carrying him through this journey of T-Cell ALL (Leukemia). I am thankful to have found this site and realize now how grateful that you added him and have kept up with his updates! I have added this tag to his 'bloggie' and pray others will support this blog with lifting up the many others who need our prayers. I know our hands are full with Brayden and all that this new reality brings to us in this fight but we're thankful the Father's Hands are never too full to hear our prayers. God bless you and your ministry!!!


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