Friday, July 17, 2009


Remember Kristen this week; she had her insemination procedures yesterday and today!

Pray for Brinley as she starts steroid treatments again this week.

Gabi received a not very good report on her eyes today; please pray for her.

Continue to pray for Gavin O. as he battles an infection.

(Finally able to view Hope's blog again!) Pray for her issues Hope is having with relux.

Noah E. is back in the hospital again. Please pray for this little guy!!

Pray for Linden; she had a heart catheterization procedure done today, please pray that all went well.

Jonah is having more feeding issues, please pray for him and his momma.

Pray for Reagan; she is having some pretty bad tummy problems.


This is Mikayla; she was just recently diagnosed with AML Leukemia.


  1. Please pray for my friend Shauna's 11 month old baby boy Christian. He has a brain injury as a result of a near drowning that occurred last week.

  2. Just wanted to say that I found your blog today. It is beautiful!


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