Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Request

Please pray for this precious little boy, Tyler. He urgently needs our prayers. He has been through so much. Pray for the doctors to have wisdom to make the best decisions for him.



  1. Thank you all for prayers for my baby Stella. We just got home from the hospital and her surgery went fine and she came out of anesthesia very easily. She never even cried.It was harder on me than on her! Thank you again for the prayers - I appreciate it so much.

  2. Update on the Turner family: Trenton had his EEG & MRI Tuesday. We do not know the results yet but he is scheduled for a follow up with the neurologist next Friday the 17th. We will know more then. He made it just fine through the MRI and had NO seizures in the EEG which is a good sign! However, he did have a seizure today but this is the first one in 13 days. Keep praying---it's working!

  3. My son is friends with this young man and is devistated over the current events. This young man was involved in a horrific crash that killed his father. He does not know of his dad's passing yet due to his own injuries. I am hoping we can get as many people as possible to pray for this young man and his family. They truly need all the prayers they can get. Jack is a wonderful young man!


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