Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Isaiah is sick again, and back in the hospital. Please pray for him!

Joshua will be having some procedures done at the end of this week; please pray that they go well and that Joshua will be comfortable.

Kate begins chemo treatments tomorrow!

Here is an update on Denise:

"Denise is doing well. She finally made it home and has been getting better each and every day. She goes back to see the "Big" doc on the 28th and also for another CT scan. Prayers would be greatly appreciated in hopes of positive news!"
Let's keep praying for her for a good report!

Hope has a doctor visit today; prayers for all to go well!

Keep praying for Noah E. as he is still dealing with a lot of issues.

Pray for Gavin; he is running a temperature and is headed to the ER.

Update on the Turner Family:

"Trenton had a follow up with the neurologist on Friday. The MRI was clear (no signs of strokes, no tumors, no brain marks from "seizures") and the EEG was normal. They did schedule him for another EEG on Wednesday, July 22nd at 12:45pm. This is a precaution to make sure that it is not epilepsy. Right now his diagnosis is a fainting spell with convulsions. He has done very well the last 2 weeks-only 2"spells" in 2 weeks. Keep your prayers going! We feel them each and every day."


My friend, Sharee Moore, (Safe Haven guest writer) has welcomed her little girl into the world! Here is a link to her blog and picture of her precious new daughter! Praise God!

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