Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Please pray for Avery's family; they made the very difficult decision to remove her from life support yesterday and she is now with Jesus. Please cover them during this excruciating time.


Please read Tyler's blog and PRAY for him tomorrow, they are removing him from the vent. Please pray that he will be able to breathe on his own!

Please say a prayer for Kristen; she has a possible infection in her abdomen from her injections.

Keep praying for Brayden, his counts have dropped again.

Gavin O. is sick and has an infection. Please pray for him!


This is Maryn; she was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.

This is Jace; he has mitochondrial disease. (Ella's momma requested prayer for Jace, he has the same thing that little Ella had.)

I have another personal request. My sister has been struggling with infertility for about 2 years now, and has suffered through a few miscarriages. She is now 12 weeks pregnant and heard the heart beat today (150's!!!) I would like to request prayer for her to have a healthy, happy pregnancy, safe delivery, and a perfect little baby (and a new neice or nephew for me!!!!) Thank you so much. (Her name is Aneisa).

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  1. Please pray for Mikayla - she is 5 and they just found out she has AML Leukemia and need a bone marrow transplant.


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