Sunday, July 19, 2009


Please pray for Tyler's family; he went to be with Jesus today. Father, please be with this family!!!

Here are some requests from Noah E's blog:

"Please pray that he will turn the corner or that the doctors will find a clear path toward helping him get better. Please pray for me as I try to amuse him and keep him happy - he is healthy enough to want to play at times, but sick enough that he is hard to please."

Does anyone have any inforamtion on Jonathan's blog? I went to check it for an update this evening, and it said the blog has been deleted....just wondering if everything is ok with him, if anyone knows. Thanks.

Pray For Jonathan

Here is an update on little Samson from the prayer list:

"I am HAPPY to report that all the testing that they did amounted to nothing AND he has since not had any of the issues/symptoms that led to the xrays in the first place. I would like to thank everyone SO MUCH for their prayers – they worked! He currently has no ongoing concerns that we need prayers for." Praise God!!!


This is Christian. He had a near drowning accident a few weeks ago and has a severe brain injury from it. My heart aches for this little boy and his family! Please pray for him, for complete healing and restoration!

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  1. Update on the Turner Family:
    Trenton had a follow up with the neurologist on Friday. The MRI was clear (no signs of strokes, no tumors, no brain marks from "seizures") and the EEG was normal. They did schedule him for another EEG on Wednesday, July 22nd at 12:45pm. This is a precaution to make sure that it is not epilepsy. Right now his diagnosis is a fainting spell with convulsions. He has done very well the last 2 weeks-only 2 "spells" in 2 weeks. Keep your prayers going! We feel them each and every day.


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