Monday, July 6, 2009

New requests

This is the Weeks family. They lost their first baby girl, Chloe, last year. Then on Thursday, July 2nd, they lost their second baby girl, Hope. Please pray for this couple as they go through a second time of loss.

And Stacey left this request for her daughter:

"My daughter Stella is 2 and is having surgery on Thursday. She is tongue tied and having her tongue clipped. The name of the procedure in a lingual frenuloplasty. It is a very simple procedure that only takes a few minutes but as mom I'm scared of my baby being put to sleep and would love to have her be covered in prayer this week and on the day of her surgery. I have no blog to link to but appreciate any prayers! Thanks!"

Let's cover these two new ones!


  1. We need to cover this family in prayer. Their baby has suffered brain damage after a successful transplant, and they are waiting for answers to very difficult questions. Please cover them!

  2. The Monk family adopted a baby named Hannah from Honduras 2 1/2 years ago when she was 6 months. The country still has not allowed her to leave even though the adoption has been final for all this time. This Friday, July 10th her case goes to court again. All they need is for a judge to sign a piece of paper releasing her, but every other time her case came up something went wrong, costing this family thousands of dollars and months and months more of waiting, with this poor child living in an orphanage instead of with her loving family during her formative years. I'm asking for prayer like the widow to the unjust judge, except we, the the righteous judge of the universe who LOVES to bring forth justice speedily to us when we cry out to Him for it! I want to see Hannah come home, speedily!

  3. Here is some information. A you tube video on a family that needs prayers. This little girl is now listed on three blogs that I read. One Large blogger, one medium and one small blogger (reader wise not body.) So obvioulsy word is getting out that prayers are needed.

    I know your place is one that offers hope and prayers. Thank you.


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