Thursday, July 2, 2009

What do you think about Me now?

By Enid

Post taken from Preserving A Generation blog.

What do you think of Me when you fall into trials of various kinds? What do you think about Me when your prayer doesn’t seem answered? What do you think about Me when you can’t seem to overcome depression though you fast and pray and fight and fight? What do you think about Me when your closest friend has forsaken you, when your father has abandoned you? What do you think about Me when you’re still single after so many years? What do you think of Me when you’ve lost your job? How about when you couldn’t raise support or the mission field didn’t work out and you felt like a failure? What do you think about Me when your pastor was exposed of secret sins? What do you think about Me when the people you most loved and trusted were the ones who hurt you? What do you think about Me when your adoption doesn’t go through? What do you think about Me when your baby doesn’t live? When your spouse abandons you? What do you think about Me when you just faithfully press on and on no matter what, it just gets dryer and dryer, colder and colder; now what are your thoughts about Me?

I’ll tell you what I think about you…

You are the ones I was dreaming about before the foundations of the earth were laid. My dance over you began when you said, ‘yes’ to Me, when you first said my Name, and I am singing over you even now. My song is about that place in your heart that never gives up, that never forgets, no matter how hot the flame, no matter how fiery the trial. As My eyes search the earth I see you standing at the foot of that mountain, you are so small in comparison. You continue to say yes to Me, although you have no human ability to endure these things. All you have is Me. Oh how you move Me!! I know you are dust, I know you are looking through a glass darkly. Don’t you understand how much it means to Me when you choose to love Me, the One who you cannot see?! I know that you cannot see Me, yet you love Me! OH MY BEAUTIFUL ONES!!! Believe Me when I say, you move My heart by just choosing to love Me in the trials. You could’ve walked away when you saw the mountain, you could’ve given up when I didn’t come immediately, but I choose to try your love, TO MAKE IT MORE VALUABLE! Because I knew you’d come forth as gold. You may not realize it because you sometimes feel weary, but you’ve never given up. I count this as faithfulness. I credit this to you as faithfulness. This is what I think about you, My small ones, standing at the foot of that mountain. I see, I hear, and I know. Not one single sigh has escaped My notice. I promise, I promise, we WILL leap upon this mountain together, though I tarry, I will come!

“They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31



As the director of the Little Rock, Arkansas chapter of Exodus Cry, Enid's primary burden in intercession is the staggering 30+ million women and children victims of modern day slavery. Married to her husband, Corey, for 17 years, Enid is a homeschooling mother of six beautiful children. Together, she and her husband pastor a local church and lead a House of Prayer, both in Little Rock.

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