Saturday, July 25, 2009


Be in prayer for Stephanie; she has her big ultrasound appointment on Monday. Pray for a good report, and for peace for Stephanie.

Here are some prayer requests from Avery's family, they have a lot going on right now. Let's pray, and pass on some love and encouragement. (Also, take a few minutes to watch their memorial video of sweet little Avery. Have a tissue handy!)

"Please pray that this (house and job) situation will work itself out. Pray our house will sell quickly...pray we can get somewhat settled before Kaitlyn starts school...pray that we as a family can remain glued together. I am scared, and I feel like I have very little control over things right now."

Brayden is beginning a new round of treatments on Monday, pray for traveling safety, and for comfort during the chemo.

Continue to pray for Isaiah as he fights infection.

Prayer request for Joshua:

"If you want to pray, pray that we would receive a definitive diagnosis from the muscle biopsy and that we would have an idea of what Joshua's future could look like."

Prayer requests for Kate:

"Please pray for her rest, continued urinating (as they watch this very closely), and less nausea and vomiting. Also pray that she will be able to eat some today and find energy for some rehab activities. We need to keep pushing her rehab, even though she is getting her chemo now. We continue to cry out to God to completely and fully heal our daughter. We ask you to do the same. And we pray that His name will be glorified through it."

Lydia is in the hospital with a fever; please pray for a swift recovery with no complications!

Prayer requests for Camryn:

"Please continue to pray for Camryn as there is still a lot that she is dealing with. The loss of her hair was a very significant loss for her, it should start coming back in the next few months...but, it's a slow process. She is also fully aware of what she can and cannot do...what she can and cannot eat, and sometimes all of that is hard for her. Please pray that as we go through out the summer and prepare her for school only very differently than she was planning for that the Lord walks with her."

Please pray for Stellan who is in the hospital with more SVT trouble.

Also continue to pray for Gavin who is home now but still needs prayers.

Reagan is experiencing some new kind of seizures, please pray for her.

FYI: I moved the link to Cora's blog to the "Pregnancy Prayers" list, under Jess's name. Since she is expecting, I thought she would appreciate all the extra prayers for this new little one.

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  1. I have two prayer requests.
    I work with Denise and her husband has cancer that they have been told can no longer be treated. Today is his birthday.

    Bruce, although he appears to be doing well, could still use all your prayers!


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