Saturday, April 25, 2009


Sorry for the delay in updates. It's been a rather intense weekend for me, and I haven't had time or the heart to sit down and do one yet. It's a lot to take in, all these babies and families who are going through so much, and it's hard sometimes. So I'm sitting outside getting refreshed by the beautiful weather, and working on a weekend update:


Check out the Bevin's family blog and read about their new little blessing!! Thank you Jesus for miracles.


Baby Gaines was born yesterday! I wish I had known this sooner, but please pray for him; pray that his lungs will be healthy, he is having lots of issues from them being underdeveloped. He has had lots of serious ups and downs, keep covering him!

Brinley is sick, please pray for quick healing for her; she is having issues with her liver.

Ella is also not doing so well, please pray for her.

Go check Emerson's blog and pray for her, she is having some problems, maybe with the new transplant.

Baby Grant had a scary night last night, check his blog for an update and pray for him, and his mommy and daddy!

Please pray for Ava, they suspect she might be having seizures...pray for peace for her momma, too!

Keep praying for Stellan, that he would react to this new medicine well and get to go HOME!

Keep praying for Kayleigh, still no good news for her.


Owen's mommy, Andrea, left this prayer request for a friend. Read Beckham's blog for more details, and pray for this little one!


Go here to see how YOU can help baby Jonah!

Here's another good opportunity to help: Remembering Noah

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