Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Ok To Grieve

A good friend of mine wrote this booklet, and shared it with me. I thought it was so good I wanted to pass it along, and she has been gracious enough to offer it for sale to anyone who it might help.

It's Okay to Grieve is a children's book that was written to help the author's cousins deal with the death of their dad.

While some comments relate to that specific situation, the book contains universal truths that are relevant to anyone who is grieving any loss.

An adult could easily read it in one sitting, but it is recommended that a parent (or concerned adult) read just one chapter at a time with a child who is grieving and discuss it and their feelings together.

As I was reading it, the Lord impressed on me that it would be a very good resource for children who have lost siblings (but would be wonderful for any situation as well.)

If you are interested in the booklet, it is $7.00 for the cost of the booklet and for shipping. Just send me an email at:
and I will send you her mailing information.

I highly recommend this book for any child who is going through the grieving process!

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  1. This is Owen's momma... he's doing okay. One of our friends Beckham is having a rough time.

    He had a heart transplant at 2 weeks old. Recently his antibodies are attacking his platelets. He is getting plasmapheresis and Rituxin (chemo) to try to reduce those antibodies.

    It's the same treatment that my Mr. Owen will need in order to get a heart. YUCK!

    Pray for the family and this little guy. He is such a little stud and has a great sense of humor through it all!



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