Sunday, May 10, 2009

You are still a mother.

By Sharee Moore

It is Mother's Day and maybe you don't feel like a mother. Maybe family and friends don't acknowledge your mother status, but I do. I know how it feels to have "angels" in Heaven, but no baby on earth. I remember the intense loneliness .... I remember the burden that Mother's Day brought. It seemed another reminder of what was missing in my life.

I used to avoid church on MD. If I did go I would sit with clenched teeth hoping and praying they wouldn't ask all the mothers to stand. I almost felt like an imposter if I stood up, but a betrayer if I remained seated. I usually ran to the bathroom instead of choosing between the impossible.

So, ladies on this Mother's Day 2009, I pay tribute to you ...

the mother with no living children,

the woman who has fought for motherhood, but has been unable to conceive,

the mom who has a baby on her hip, one in her belly and one forever in her heart,

and the mom who has several in Heaven, while wondering about the survival of the one in the womb ...

This day is for you. You ARE a mother.


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