Friday, May 1, 2009



Ashley is in the hospital with some kind of infection; please pray for quick healing!

Please say lots of prayers for Emerson! She has developed an extremely serious infection for transplant patients, and needs serious prayers!!

Pray for Noah, tests are showing his brain damage is extensive. Please stop by their blog, and pray for this precious boy and his family!

Baby Orner's momma, Erica, is going on Monday for another ultrasound, and a second opinion. Please pray for a healing miracle!

Check Ava's blog, and keep praying for her.

Also keep praying for Gavin; this little boy is going through so much!

Kayleigh has taken another turn for the worse; please pray for this precious baby and her family!

How YOU can help:

Go here for more info on how to help the Pifer's through their infertility journey!

Finally, go here to read an amazing and beautiful poem; what a gift!

Have a blessed weekend!

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