Friday, May 22, 2009



Remember to keep praying for Ella's family as they go through this time of loss.

Keep praying for Ashley Kate; she is still having a super rough time. Pray for her and her family both.

Grant has an infection and had to make a trip to the ER; he is back home, but pray that his infection heals up.

Maddie needs prayers; she is having lots of seizures and isn't doing well.

Bentley is still doing well; she has a slight fever, pray that it is nothing and resolves quickly!


Brayden is home, and is in REMISSION!

Baby Elise is home too!!!


  1. Please pray for our foundation as it continues to grow and touch the lives of many. Acts of Grace Foundation provides "small deeds, big difference" to pregnant women on hospital bed rest.

  2. Please let us all pray for little Faith Hope and her mom. She was born over 3 months ago with anencehaly. Yesterday Jesus took her home. Let us keep her mom Myah in prayers.


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