Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday evening

I'm writing this post late Thursday evening, so many of you may not see it until Friday. So when I say "tomorrow", it means Friday.

Please pray for Ashley, and stop by and leave some encouragement for her mama. It's been a rough week for them and sweet Ashley is in the hospital not doing well at all.

Beckham is in the hospital with some bleeding issues; he should be able to go home tomorrow, pray that everything goes well so he can!

Denise is having surgery tomorrow. Pray for protection for her and for the doctors.

Pray for Elise; she is having a car seat test done tomorrow to see if she is ready to go home, pray that she will pass; also pray for no more issues to come up so she can go home on Sunday!

Gaines is having some reflux issues; please pray for this to get better.

Please go to Baby Orner's blog and leave her some word of encouragement, and prayer, whatever you can offer. She just received devestating news about her pregnancy and the doctor's are telling her to terminate. She needs all the support we can give her right now! Please go love on her.

Charity is in the hospital again with some complications. Pray for her to have a quick recovery.

Jonah has a new blog! Check it out! Jonah's Support Group

Pray for Philip, he had his big operation on Tuesday.

Don't forget Bentley's surgery is coming up soon; next Wednesday!

Kayleigh's memorial service is coming up Sunday, the 17th. Check her blog for ways to help, and keep praying for her family. She is an angel in heaven now, but I can't bring myself to take down my "Pray for Kayleigh" button just yet.....

Have a blessed Friday....


  1. This little girl needs prayers very badly:

    Dakota's a 3yr old little girl who was born at 25wks gestation. She was 1lb 7oz at birth and 12in long. She spent 225 days in the NICU and was a very sick little girl for most of her stay. When she came home she had a tracheostomy and was ventilator dependent due to her lungs being damaged from prematurity and infections. She weaned off of her ventilator in January of 2007 and she had her trach removed just 2mos later. Along with her respiratory problems she never learned to eat like a regular baby. She has been dependent on a g-tube for her nutrition since September of 2006.

    I got the above blurb from a journal Emily (her nom) used to use... I could find another recent one written by her.

    Dakota is having a tough, tough time right now. She's been in the hospital for over a month fighting infection after infection with some fungus thrown in there as well. Her previous hospital stay she was taken off her G-tube feeds and was put on TPN.

    She's had a long hard road since being born and it just breaks my heart to see no comments to her posts time after time.


    Emily's been by Dakota's side 24/7 and I imagine she is exhasuted.

    PLEASE PLEASE post this prayer request!


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