Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good word

The changer of hearts

Breathing life to the dead parts

He’s the answer you seek

Your strength when you’re weak

He’s everything when you’re alone

For a prodigal, your home

A indescribable fulfillment when you’re dry

A comfort for you when you want to ask why

Through the journey, HE is seen

A rock and fortress on which to lean

His Words to me tonight.

‘Trust, declare, believe, stand

I have all of this chaos in MY Hands

I will show who I AM

My purpose, will and plan

Continue, move forward I’ve made the way

Just walk in it, tomorrow’s a new day

To walk out all I’ve purposed and planned for you

So that others will come to know Me as I see you through

Hold My Hand and as I go before you and beside

And remember when you don’t want to be strong, here are My Wings, you can hide

I will hold you close, you will know My presence like you’ve always longed for

I will bring you rest, peace, and release–out from under My Wings you can then soar

Because I have equipped you for such a time as this, to soar like an eagle in flight

And in my perfect timing, all that has been stolen, lost, broken, I will make right.’

Written by my awesome friend, Kara.

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