Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday night

Please pray for is a small update from his mom:

"Next week he is facing a very serious operation that will change is life. We met with the Dr. today and were told that after 18 brain operations and a stroke, etc, we will need to travel to an out of state hospital as soon as he is healed enough from his operation next week. The operation next week will be on his stomach and spine and a Cather into his brain."

Please also, visit this link for a detailed post about his condition. And pray!

And here is a new little guy to pray for: Baby KJ was born at 23 weeks, and has been in the hospital since January...he seems to be doing great and might be going home soon...please keep praying for good health so he can!



    Thank you so much for your prayers and posting about my sweet student. I have updated on my blog....His mom is reading comments so please help me encourage others to leave her a comment. Thank you.

  2. Urgent prayer request ~

    Please pray for Noah, a 2.5 year old with mitochondrial disease who is in the hospital and is very, very ill.

    His mother's blog is at

    This little boy & his family need all the prayer support that can be mustered. Let's storm Heaven's gates for Noah!!!


    Please pray for Denise. She has a brain aneurysm on Tuesday. She has 2 small children, a 6 month old and an 18 month old. She is doing better but has a really long road ahead for her.

    Thank you!



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