Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Updates

Ashlynn is doing better. She is off the ventilator and they are taking the PICC line out of her leg.

Eli is not doing well and can really use some prayers.  He is having a lot of dermatologic issues.  He is also having vision problems.  There are problems with his feeding tube and they will be having a surgical consult on June 5.  They can use LOTS of prayers!

Ethan recently had a feeding evaluation where some issues were discovered.  Pray that the therapists will be successful in helping him overcome these issues.

Josiah is doing fairly well and just got a few new teeth! 

Reagan has had a few off days but is hopefully on the upswing.  Pray that she will continue to improve and be able to sleep well.

Harmonee has not had an update posted for several months, but let’s continue to keep her and her family in our prayers as I’m sure they can use them!


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