Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Updates

Ava was recently inpatient due to her glucose levels.  Pray that she was able to get them resolved adequately to go home.

Kate had an MRI on Tuesday.  Please pray for no evidence of disease!

Rebekah has not had an update on her page in a couple of months, but please keep them in your prayers as I am sure they can always use them.

Waverly & Oliver:  Waverly has been working hard at walking.  Oliver recently lost his first tooth!  The family has had lots of excitement lately.  Matt’s book is now for sale!

Brody also hasn’t had an update in several months, but continue praying for them.

Patterson Family:  Kiefer recently celebrated his 4th birthday, Samantha graduated, and they marked 2 years since their sweet Chr’ssie's homegoing.


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