Friday, May 4, 2012

Pray for Noah

Noah is not doing well and is headed shortly by ambulance to the hospital for a CT scan.  Please keep both him and his family in your prayers.

From his mom's Facebook update:

Dr. B and our nurse were here about 8 this morning. The nurse drew some labs and Dr. B decided he does want Noah to have a CT of his belly. His liver is enlarged and even though Noah was sleeping very deeply, he was whimpering in pain when Dr. B would press his tummy at all. :-(

The wrench in the works is that it will be best for Noah to go by ambulance which means the girls can't come with me. A sweet friend offered to come pick them up for as long as needed today while we get this taken care of. We are getting the CT done locally so it shouldn't be too terribly long.

The ambulance should be here in a little over an hour and I'll update when I know something.

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