Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Updates

Battley is now 8 weeks old and doing well.  She recently had a cardiologist appointment where they upped her medicine to help with rapid breathing.  Pray that this is successful!

Grace’s mom shared a touching blog post about the battle within her (and lots of other parents, I’m sure) in terms of dealing with a sick child.  Send her some prayers and encouragement.

Mateo & McHale just turned 6!  They recently got new wheelchairs and took a fun trip.  Check out the great update on their website!

Witt is currently doing well.  His scheduled hearing test needed to be cancelled, but was not urgent.  He has some more appointments coming up and they can use good results.

Jacob has been newly diagnosed with osteoporosis.  He is anxious to be able to get into the pool again coming up, and they are looking into purchasing a new handicap accessible van in the next month.

Cici had an overnight EEG this week for some sleep issues she has been having.  While they aren’t exactly sure what to do about the issues (or if anything needs to be done), they do know that it is not seizures, and this is great!


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