Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Updates

Continue to pray for Noah.  His mom’s most recent Facebook updates:

Noah has looked "off" since his transfusion. His heart rate is up and he now has a fever of 101.5.

We now HAVE to get blood from a vein. This is going to really stress him out after they spent so long trying to get a vein this afternoon. 

This could be a transfusion reaction or an infection, so they are doing infection labs - blood cultures from broviac and a vein, urine cultures, CBC, etc as well as labs for a hemolytic reaction.

He has only been off antibiotics for 4 1/2 days.

I am heartbroken.

Finally got blood late last night. Fever climbed quite a but is down now with IV ibuprofen. I haven't seen his labs yet.
Moved 2 doors down to a much larger room.

Amy can use lots of prayers as she starts a new journey in her life.

Charity had a wonderful time at a great “Red Carpet” event last night!  They have been enjoying some time at the park and had a fantastic Mother’s Day!

Ella is doing very well after surgery and has been seizure free for about 35 days!

Jonah and his family recently took a trip to visit family and had a great time.  His parents just celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary and their event, “Jogging for Jonah” was a success!

Owen and family have been battling the sickies.  Pray that they would all be doing better soon!!

Veiyah was granted her “Make A Wish” wish and she and her family when to Disney at the end of April!



  1. Amy has not been posting on her blog. She is actually doing wonderful! She is engaged and will be getting married shortly!

  2. Thanks. As of 2 months ago her husband had just moved out (according to her blog post) so I was going off that. In any case, I am sure she can still benefit from lots of prayers as she starts this new journey.


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