Thursday, February 4, 2010


Continue praying for Baby Sunshine and the situation with her birth parents. Also Elaine has asked prayers for her uncle who had a brain aneurysm. Please pray for him as well.

Audra is in the hospital with breathing issues, and they can't figure out what is causing them. Be in prayer as they wait for news and be in prayer for the doctors.

A few things I wanted to pass along from Brayden's blog:

- Rays of Sunshine: Information and support for families of children with Hydranencephaly.

- If you would like to donate funds to help purchase needs for Brayden for his physical therapies, etc. go to his momma's blog here and look for the PayPal button.

Pray for Brinley this week; she is having a rough time with this round of chemo and steroids.

A few support sites for Brody: (also keep praying for a miracle for him to wake up!)

- WMC Foundation - Brody Johnson

- This artist, Bridget Huhn, is selling her music and half the proceeds go to help Haiti and half go to Brody.

- hugs4ndc: Hugs Foundation for Near Drowning Children; To connect parents of near drowning children with families who are going through the same experiences or have gone through them! (You can find Brody on this site as well.)

You can help raise money for March for Babies by joining Eden's team! Consider donating, or even walking if you are in the area.

Emerson is back in the hospital with infections. Please pray for quick healing!

Please pray for Ethan's momma, she is having surgery next Monday, the 8th. Pray that it goes well and that recovery will not be difficult.

Gaines has RSV and two ear infections, please pray for quick healing for him.

Gracie's mom requested prayer for her 16 year old niece who has been diagnosed with viral encephalitis. Please pray for Mackenzie!

Isaiah is in the hospital with two infections, and is recovering from surgery to fix an abcess above his bladder. Please pray for quick healing and recovery!

Pray for Jacob, he is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Continue praying for Joshua as they try to resolve issues with his shunt.

This is half of an update, I will post the rest tomorrow. Also, please check the post below for an update from Deena on the Angel Families.

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