Friday, February 12, 2010


Urgent news: Prayer vigil being held tonight for Layla. Please visit her blog for more details. Please pray for this precious girl and her parents! Unless God performs a healing miracle on her body, she will be with Jesus soon. Please pray!!!

Continue to pray for the Shubert's during the adoption process, for their son's health, and also for the birth momma during this difficult time for her.

I found the sweetest blog today, while checking on Brayden. It's called Adaptions 4 Kidz. Here's a little description about it from Brayden's mom:

"If you have a little one with limited mobility or extra special needs, this is the blog to seek out and follow for wonderful craft, game, and activity ideas for our little ones. Junior's mom, Heidi, has some amazing ideas that Junior loves to demonstrate for you through his pictures...​he has an infectious smile so even if you aren't interested in the ideas, you should go check out the pics for a smile to brighten your day!"

So sweet, and I thought it was a great resource!

Eden needs prayer for her eyes. She has a visit with the eye doctor coming up, pray for improvement and a good report!

Please pray for Emerson; she has been very sick this week, and is still recovering. Pray that she is well for her Make A Wish Disneyland trip!

James had a chemo treatment this week and is having a rough time. Please pray for him!

Joshua needs prayers as he is having some difficulties recovering from his last hospital stay. Please pray for healing.

Kate has begun her chemo treatments this week for the stem cell transplant. Her kidneys are not functioning at %100, please pray that this improves, and for protection for her during this time.

Please pray for Lilliana's lungs, that they will get better and she can begin to breathe on her own.

Pray for Lindsay, she has a light case of pneumonia.

Rebekah is also having some respiratory issues, please pray for quick healing for her.

Noah is recovering from the croup, please pray for quick healing.

Gavin has the flu, please pray for him.

Abbey is on another round of chemo, remember her.

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