Thursday, February 4, 2010

Angel Families update

Pray for Kerry and her pregnancy.

Pray for Andie's family. Her birthday is approaching-Feb 19th.
Also pray for and/or donate a beanie baby to Andie's Angel Legacy.

Pray for Ayden's mommy. If you feel led, leave her some words of encouragment.

I'm late on this one, but there is new apparel for Cody's crew available.
There is also a good post on spreading awareness about neuroblastoma.

Pray for Colton's family. His birthday was Feb 2nd.

Pray for Hannah's family, and again if you feel led leave some words of encouragment.

Isaiah's mommy is really needing prayer right now. Keep her in your prayers!

Read more about Chronically Cool Families on Gavin's blog. It is a parent to parent support group for families dealing with chronic illness.

Olive went to be with Jesus. Pray for her family.

Please continue to pray for all of the families. Also, leave words of encouragment or even just an I'm thinking of you to let them know we are still praying and thinking of them.


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