Saturday, February 27, 2010


More updates.....

Be in prayer for Jacob and his parents, as they make decision concerning his care.

JJ is having lots of problems with eating, and with is eyes. Keep him in prayer, and pray for healing.

Kate is nearing the end of her treatment, pray for complete healing!

Keep praying for Layla, she is still hanging on. What a strong little girl! Pray for a miracle.

Pray for Mikayla, she has come down with a virus.


Be in prayer for the Shuberts as they wait on more details for their adoption, and for their upcoming court date on March 9th.

Ashley has injured her leg somehow and cannot stand on it. Please pray for quick healing!

Beckham has pneumonia, and is still having tummy troubles. Please pray for quick healing for him as well.

Brayden is experiencing some issues with his latest round of chemo; pray that they do not continue so he can keep up with the chemo.

Pray for Brayden, he has been sick this week with a cold.

Chloe is in need of a new hearing aid. If you feel lead by the Lord, check out her blog for directions on how to give.

Gaines has had his oxygen turned down! Please pray that he cotinues to tolerate it, and that they can lower it even more!!

Pray for Isaiah; he is in the hospital having difficulties. Please pray they get resolved quickly.

More updates to come tomorrow.....

Rebekah is being tested for Crohn's disease. Also she is still havin tummy problems. Please pray for healing!

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