Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Aside from the requests listed below, I want us to remember every family on our lists during this week and the next as we all celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Remember our angel families as they will be missing their loved ones, and the families with sick ones who are unable to be home to celebrate with family. Let's pray extra hard during these next two weeks, and lift them up to our Father!

Pray for Brayden this week and next as he goes through his final chemo treatment.

Pray for Brayden Alexander who has a cold. Pray that it goes away quickly and stays out of his lungs!

Go here for an update on Brittney. Right now she is struggling with her breathing and has some pneumonia. Please pray for this young momma and her family! (You have to scroll down a ways on the post for the update on Brittney, it's at the end.)

Hannah has had another mini-stroke, and is also having a lot of trouble breathing. Please pray for relief and healing!

Pray for Joshua! He will be getting a shunt put in his spine at the end of the month, to try and alleviate his pain. If this doesn't work, there isn't much more they can do. Please pray for a successful procedure, and for healing of his pain.

Kate has been in the hospital fighting off fevers, please pray for quick recovery, and no infection. Also, check out her blog if you want to help out with "Kate's Crazy Cool Christmas"!

Pray for Maryn and her mother, that the issues would work out quickly so she can start her new treatment. Pray that God would open doors!

Pray for Noah and his family, they need encouragement.

Rebekah is still having feeding issues; pray that this will improve and she will begin to gain more weight!

Pray for Tripp, he is having a lot of breathing issues. Pray that this will clear up!

Dylan's blood test results came back %100 cancer free! Please continue to pray that his body will stay leukemia free!

Please cover Pierce and his family in prayers. They received news that his cancer has relapsed and the doctors have no hope for him. Please pray for this family!

Ava is in the hospital and they are running tests to see if she has a metabolic disorder. Pray for wisdom, and for healing!

Please pray for Jonah, and his mom and dad. His feeding is not going well at all and they are going to have to put in a feeding tube. Pray for peace, for a successful surgery, and NO bad effects from the intubation!

Reagan is in the hospital, she is having feeding trouble, and is not drinking. They are running tests to find out what is wrong. Pray for wisdom!

Pray for Abby! She is having severe headaches; pray that they are not being caused by a cancer relapse!


This request is for baby Cal:

"Seven month old Baby Cal started having seizures over a month ago. He is in the hospital with a team of doctors trying to pinpoint the problem. They received discouraging test results yesterday. Please pray!"

(Please also see below for an Angel Families update for today.)

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