Monday, November 30, 2009


Remember Kristen and her husband as they begin their last round of injections to try and conceive. Pray for peace, and for God's will!

Visit Brayden's blog for more information on Brayden's Blood Drive, and how you participate.

Go here for an update on Brittany.

Emerson is back in the hospital, pray they can figure out what is wrong and how to treat it, and for quick healing before the holidays.

Pray for Hannah and her family as they may have to make some difficult decisions about her care. Father, cover this family!!!!

Joshua is having shunt placement surgery today. Pray for safety, a successful surgery, and that this shunt will work to ease Joshua's pain and improve his quality of life.

Kate should have the results of her kidney test in todday; pray for good results!

Pray for Layla; she has finished her transplant, but is in a lot of pain. Pray for healing in her tummy and mouth from the sores the chemo caused.

Please pray for Maryn and her momma. Maryn is very sick from the new treatments, pray for healing!

Pierce is in the hospital with pneumonia, and is retaining a lot of fluid. Pray for quick healing and comfort.

Pray for Reagan, she will be having g-tube surgery this week.

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