Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving this week, and I hope that we all remember our Safe Haven families as they are with loved ones in the hospital, or missing loved ones who aren't with us anymore.

Pray for Kristen and her husband; her IUI cycle this month was unsuccessful.

Pray for Stacie (Abby's mom); she is on bedrest and recovering from an appendectomy. She 27 weeks along, pray for health and protection for the rest of her pregnancy!

Ashley is having skin issues around her ostomy bag, please pray for quick healing of this, and for easing of her pain and discomfort.

Brayden will begin radiation treatments next week, be in prayer for him and his family.

Go here for an update on Brittany. Scroll down past the pictures, and you will see the "Brittany Update". Keep her in your prayers!

Christian may be having seizures, please pray they can find out for sure, and for wisdom on how to treat them.

Pray for Eden, that her tummy issues would clear up.

Hannah is having breathing problems; pray for healing, and wisdom on how to handle her situation.

Pray for little JJ who is dealing with the stomach flu.

Kate's blood counts are still struggling to come up. Also, they are awaiting the results of her kidney function test. Pray for good news! Also, here is Kate's new website, Pray For Kate.com! You can get to her Caring Bridge blog from there.

Layla was finally able to begin her bone marrow transplant. Pray for her during this time!

Continue to pray for Olive and her parents; that her health will improve enough that they can come back to the US with her. She also has meningitis, please pray for healing!

Pray for Dylan, he is having some eating issues. Pray that his little tummy will heal up!

Jaxson is sick with some kind of bug, please pray for quick healing.

Yesterday Abbey began running a fever. Please pray that she doesn't get sick with anything!


This is Perron, and we received this request from his mom. Let's add this family to our prayers!

"We have a 4 month old little boy that was born at 34 weeks, IUGR due to my pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. We have noticed that there was something wrong with the way his eyes were working and we were told yesterday that he might be blind. something called cortical blindness. We have an appointment with neuro-opthamologist on December 23rd and we could use all of the prayers we could get. Thank you for your considerations!"

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  1. Did you know that Kate's family is scheduled to appear on Dr. Phil this week?


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