Saturday, November 7, 2009



Check Kate's Caring Bridge site for a way to help out this Christmas....and as always, pray for Kate!


The Tolbert's are home with their new baby girl! Praise God for the miracle of adoption.

I received this prayer request from Stephanie. Be in prayer for this family:

"Please continue to keep us in your prayers.
We don't know for sure, but it's very possible that tomorrow (Friday) at my specialist appt. they'll be sending us over for immediate delivery.
These days there are as many risks for her to be "in" as there are risks for her to be "out" ... we just can't win.
I'm scared out of my mind, but trying to remain positive. Sadie wasn't suppossed to make it to 15 weeks, much less this far (31 weeks), I'm not about to give up on her now. The fear of the unknown is the worst. I can imagine this would be extemely difficult no matter the situation, but the fact that we have 3 other children to worry about at home .. only makes it that much more complicated."

Please continue to pray for Gavin; he is in his last moments here with his family. Pray for his little body, and for his parents during this very difficult time. Pray for peace!!!

Dylan has his engraftment testing on Monday; pray for 100% donor cells!

Stellan will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow for treatments to begin next week. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, safety for Stellan, and peace for his family.

Pray for Reagan who is not doing well and is in a lot of pain.


I was checking Noah's blog and there was a prayer request for this little man, Carter. Please check Noah's blog for the story, and then add him to your prayers!

Baby Sam's mommy is making a book out of their blog for him; if you prayed for him and want to contribute to the book, go leave a comment!

This is Kerry; she lost her baby boy in July, stillborn at 36 weeks. This is her blog she started to help others going through the same thing. (I posted it on Angel Families, under "Andrew".)

Here is a request for Baby Chloe:

"I have another baby I would like you to add to the list. It's so very sad and I have been praying for her and her family. I am sure they could need even more prayers. Lets ask God for some guidance for them and that the financial things work out, so that they can care for their precious and beautiful daughter Chloe. She was born in april with facial abnormalties and she has a v-trach to breath!"

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