Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I apologize that it has been so long since I have updated. It has been a very crazy week for me, and I have just now had time to sit down and read through the blogs. I only have time right now to update about half of them, I will do my best tomorrow to get to the rest. Thanks for sticking with me!

The Tolbert's welcomed their baby girl into the world on Monday! Please pray for them during this transition time....pray for peace!

Pray for Kristen and Eli as she is finishing up her cycle this week.

Pray for Stephanie and little Sadie; the fluid on her heart is still increasing, and they may have to deliver her early. Please pray for health and safety for momma, and baby!

Here is a new button for Stacie's blog. Last Thursday, she was diagnosed with Vasa Previa, and will have to go on bed rest sometime in December. She will also deliver her little girl at 35 weeks. Please pray for Stacie and for her little girl. For health, and a safe pregnancy and delivery!

His Grace Is Sufficient

Jenny is starting a new blog for her children and ending her blog that was for Isaiah; so I moved the link the the Angel families blog.

Brayden is in a lot of pain this week from his chemo, please pray for relief and rest for his body.

Pray for Brinley; she is sick, and so is her sister. Pray for healing!

Colton passed away on the 31st. Please pray for his parents, and for his brother who misses him very much.

Pray for Eden's eyes, that they will completely clear up, and the doctor will be able to see them perfectly during the exam.

Continue prayers for Emerson as she recovers from her infection.

Please pray for Gavin and his family. He is really struggling, and he may not have much more time. Please cover this family in lots of prayers.

Pray for Hannah, she will be having surgery tomorrow to place a shunt.

Joshua and his family will be traveling to several doctor visits this week, pray for safety.

Kate is being admitted to the hospital tomorrow to begin another IV chemo treatment. Pray for her as she endures this.

Maryn had an MRI and it showed the tumor has grown; the doctor said there is really nothing they can do. Please pray for her and her family.

Pray for Mikayla as she has her radiation treatments this week.

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