Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Urgent request

Cathy left this request yesterday, please add Kristin to your prayers:

"On March 23rd, she was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital in Minnesota. Kristin had several blood clots in both legs, her kidneys weren't functioning, and she had an infection in her aorta. She was heavily sedated and time was given to allow her to heal on her own.

On Friday, April 1st, Kristin underwent her surgery to have her right leg amputated as well as a portion of her left foot. She doesn't know this has happened to her as she's been sedated since prior to her surgery.

At some point in time this week - it's looking like she will be allowed to wake up. Her doctors will explain to Kristin what has happened - and she will be surrounded by those who love her while they do.

Currently, she is still very much asleep in an effort to control her pain level. She is on direct dialysis (which runs 24/7) and her kidneys were still without much function.

I don't know much about the infection in her heart - but will find out and will keep you posted!"

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