Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catching up......

Yesterday, April 24th, began National Infertility Awareness Week, and runs through May 1st. During this time, pray for our girls who are struggling with infertility, and maybe leave some encouragement on their blogs: Kristen, Tiffany, and Michelle. If you have anyone you would like to add to our pregnancy prayers list, please leave a comment with their info. Also, Tiffany is posting on her infertility journey this week, you can go check out her blog. She has some wise and encouraging things to say! Also, if you are posting anything for this special time, leave a comment and I will link to your blog!

Still praising the Lord for Rosie and Derek's new little blessing, Gavin! If you want to keep up to date on their little family, I moved their button to the "Miracles" tab.

Continue prayers for Avalon and for her doctors as they run tests to see what is causing her problems she has been having.

Remember Brayden during his doctor visit tomorrow, his counts were a little high.

Please pray for Brinley, there is a possibility she might have relapsed. Pray for her and her family too!

Gabe has pneumonia, please pray for a quick recovery for him.

Grace is wearing a patch on her eye to try and heal it so she will not need surgery, please pray for success and that no surgery will be needed.

Josiah has been sick, please pray for quick healing.

Pray for Lindsay, she has been in the hospital with pneumonia and RSV. She is home now, but keep praying for quick recovery.

Baby Luke had some issues with some very low sodium levels. He will be having an MRI in May to see if there were any effects in his brain, please pray for good results.

Pray for Tripp's eyes, he is still having lots of pain and swelling in them. Pray that they heal up soon!

Remember Dylan in your prayers, he has glaucoma, and it looks pretty bad. Pray that the drops he is taking will clear it up.

Jaxson's family is adopting a little girl from Eastern Europe, through Reece's Rainbow! Here is their adoption blog to raise funds to bring Makayla home!

Gwendolyn had a scare and stopped breathing, she is fine but the family is struggling to recover and stressed. Please pray for peace for them.

Keep Jonah in your prayers this week, he will be having surgery Thursday (the 29th) to have a g-tube put in. Pray for peace for his parents, and for safety. There are a lot of things that can go wrong for him during the surgery. Pray for protection!

Reagan's mother left this prayer request:

"I have a prayer request...
After 2+ years of nonstop seizures Reagan has been seizure free for 4 months (thank God). But a few days ago we saw some weird eye movements and then yesterday she did something that looked like a startle (or an infantile spasm). She did it a few times and then it gradually increased to every 20seconds or so. Very scary. Please pray that it's not seizures again. Some sort of neurological quirk I can handle, but not seizures."

Philip will be having two surgeries in the next few weeks, keep him in your prayers.

Pray for Veiyah and her parents as they make important decisions about her heart in the next few months.


This is Chrissie, a little girl adopted from Eastern Europe. She was brought to the United States for a life saving heart surgery, and had her operation on the 19th, last Monday.

This is Lillian. She was born on March 22, 2010 with several conditions. She's already had one surgery to correct her diaphragmatic hernia (on April 7, 2010) but will continue to struggle with Turner Syndrome and Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum. Lauren, Lillian's mother, is trying to be strong for her baby with the support of her family, friends and God. Lillian's father is not in her life. Currently, Lillian is at Texas Children's Hospital in the Level III NICU.

This is Tara, she lost her baby yesterday morning. He had a birth defect that prevented him from living life outside the womb. Please pray for this family during this very difficult time. I have added her blog to the "Angel Families" tab, under her little boy's name, Benaiah.

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  1. I know I've told you many times; but thank you for everything you do. I love coming to your page and praying over those who are in need. What you do is an amazing act of God!!! Thank you so much for posting about National Infertility Awareness Week as well as asking those to pray for me and my fellow infertility friends; that is so sweet of you. Also thank you for mentioning my sweet friend Rosemary and her baby Gavin; he is a precious miracle from God, an adorable one too, and it means alot to me for you to add her to the list--it will mean alot to her as well.

    On the top of my blog, I have an 'infertility support' tab, on that tab is several links to women who are trying to concieve there miracles, and there are several women who beat the infertility journey...Feel free to link that page if you would like so that other can connect with infertility couples, and those who beat infertility.

    Thank you again friend-for all you do!

    Love-Hugs and Prayers....


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