Saturday, April 3, 2010


The Shuberts will be traveling to Taiwan tomorrow to finally meet their son! Please be in prayer for them during this time!

Faith is struggling with a lot of pain, please pray for her. Pray for a miracle!

Prayer requests for Gaines: weight gain, and for his lungs to get stronger.

Josiah's mother is getting tested to see if she is a carrier of Menkes, the disease Josiah has been diagnosed with. Please pray that it is negative.

Keep Kate covered in prayers as they are in Houston going through some new treatments.

Pray for Maddie, that her new medicine will help control her seizures.

Jonah has been sick the last few days, please pray for quick healing and that it doesn't go into anything worse.

Lydia's momma requested prayer for a little two month old boy, Brenon. He has a mass on his liver.

This other request was left in the comments:

"This morning (3/26) a 15 month old and his 5 year old brother were shot and killed by their father in Scottsdale, AZ. The father shot himself but is expected to live. He and his wife are going through a divorce and custody battle. I don't know if it is appropriate to add but I'm sure this sweet mother could use prayers on her behalf. The community where they live is heartbroken, as well as the family of these little boys. There are links to the story on"

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  1. PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE post this today!!!

    On March 23rd, she was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital in Minnesota. Kristin had several blood clots in both legs, her kidneys weren't functioning, and she had an infection in her aorta. She was heavily sedated and time was given to allow her to heal on her own.

    On Friday, April 1st, Kristin underwent her surgery to have her right leg amputated as well as a portion of her left foot. She doesn't know this has happened to her as she's been sedated since prior to her surgery.

    At some point in time this week - it's looking like she will be allowed to wake up. Her doctors will explain to Kristin what has happened - and she will be surrounded by those who love her while they do.

    Currently, she is still very much asleep in an effort to control her pain level. She is on direct dialysis (which runs 24/7) and her kidneys were still without much function.

    I don't know much about the infection in her heart - but will find out and will keep you posted!.


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